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  • 28 Jul

    We're Celebrating!

    Why not join with us Today in celebrating 25 years in Business!

    Spend over £500 or €700 and receive a Branded Football absolutly free and whats better, spend over £1300 or €1800 to be entered into a Prize Draw with the chance to win £100 or €140 back into your own hand as cash

  • 03 Jun

    New Product!

    Scaffold 40KG Fittings Bags, a woven polypropylene bulk bag for carrying scaffold fittings up the Scaffold, extremely strong and durable and keep all your fittings in one bag.

  • 31 Jul

    DIY Repairing Potholes

    Tarmac and asphalt driveways are not completely indestructable and for this reason, most of us will see our driveway deteriorate in various ways. Most commonly, you will see potholes appearing in various shapes and sizes as a result of the forces of nature. However, fixing this problem is no longer a difficult job – practically [...]

  • 31 Jul

    DIY Concrete Floor Repair Guide

    Everyone finds cracks in their concrete floor at some stage so why not try using our concrete Floor Repair, to get rid of any imperfections on your concrete floor!!
    Things to consider when repairing a concrete floor…
    Follow our step by step basic guide on how to repair a concrete floor that is suffering from surface imperfections [...]

  • 23 Aug

    Scaffold Accessories

    SP Group extends their range of Safegard Scaffold Products to provide accessories for all your scaffold needs.  Why not benefit today and order on +44 (0)28 9442 8611

  • 21 Apr

    Solar Protect now Live

    Since 1990 Solar have been using their knowledge and expertise to help provide solutions for a wide range of organisations to maintain their premises.

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