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Anti Slip

  • Nosings & Treads

    Anti Slip Stair Nosings and Treads

    Our Anti Slip Stair Nosings and Stair Tread Covers are manufactured from corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fibreglass) and have been designed for easy installation onto existing Concrete, Timber or Steel Steps. A hard-wearing silicon carbide grit is applied to the top surface to provide an effective anti slip finish, which outperforms conventional alluminium or rubber stair nosing in terms of slip resistance. 


    Anti Slip Finish and DDA Compliance

    These durable stair nosings and treads provide an effective anti slip surface to the most vulnerable area the step. The Highly Visible colour of our stair nosing or tread cover edge, provides an effective contrast to the background, and highlights the leading edge of the step. This is particularly beneficial in low light areas, and can assist visually impaired pedestrians, thereby aiding conformance with DDA Legislation.


    Benefit of Safegard Stair Nosings and TreadsDurable Corrosion & Weather Resistant ConstructionExcellent Anti Slip Surface (BS 7976 - 2 - Pendulum Co-efficient of Friction Test)Ideal for Wet, Oily & Icy surfaces.Easy to Install. Simply Glue & Screw FixAssists Conformance with DDA LegislationLow Maintenance
  • Anti Slip Flooring

    Blister and Corduory Tactile Paving

    Tactile paving is an indication to vsualy impaired people that a hazard lies ahead, and / or provides directional advice. Blister corduroy tactile paving is used as a warning to those visually impaired, whereas corduroy tactile paving is used to provide directional paving.


    Anti Slip GRP Flooring Sheets

    GRP Sheet is a low profile overlay material for existing Timber, Concrete, Open Mesh or Chequer Plate flooring. The durable anti slip gritted surface provides exceptional traction to existing slippery substrates. The anti slip GRP sheet is suited to both internal and external applications, is corrosion & rot resistant, and easily installed with the minimum of surface preparation and downtime.


    Convex Decking Strips

    Designed to fit directly onto existing timber decking. The unique chamfered edges ensures a low profile fit, thereby reducing any perceived trip hazard. Simply Glue & Screw into place. Convex Decking Strips are available in either 50mm or 100mm widths in lengths upto 3000mm. Our standard stock colours are black, beige and yellow.

  • Anti Slip Grating

    What is GRP Fibreglass Grating?

    Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating, often referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Grating or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Grating, represents an effective alternative to conventional floor grating manufactured from Galvanised or stainless Steel. 

    Fibreglass Floor Grating provides superior corrossion resistance when compared to traditional Galvanised Steel Grating, and provides real cost savings when compared to Stainless Steel. 

    A durable and hardwearing angular Quartz Grit is applied to the top surface to provide an effective Anti Slip finish, which provides an excellent level of slip resistance in wet, oily or icy conditions.

    Smooth Surface, natural Concave Surface, or Conductive Gritted Surface gratings are available upon request.


    Where to use Anti Slip Gratings

    Open Mesh Fibreglass Moulded Grating is ideal for Walkways, Platforms, Washbays, Sump-Covers, Drains, Gullies, Work Stations, Pit, Pond, & Well Covers, Stairways & Ramps, Mechanical & Service Vent Risers Covers, Machine Guarding & Pontoon Decking.


    All QuartzGrip Fibreglass Gratings are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, with a high glass content for superior load bearing capabilities and corrosion resistance.


    Benefits of Anti Slip GRP Grating Superior Corrosion Resistance-Proven to out perform conventional Galvanised GratingsFire Resistant (BS EN ISO 9239-1 & BS EN ISO 11925-2)High Strength to Weight RatioLight Weight (From 9.5Kg Per Square Metre)Easy to Install - (Requires only a jig saw or angle grinder)Bi-directional Spanning.Thermally & Dimensionally Stable.Low MaintenanceNon-SparkingNon-ConductiveImpact Resistant.Exceptional Slip ResistanceAvailable in a wide range of attractive colours.Minimal Scrap ValueSmooth Surface, Natural Concave Surface or Conductive Surface Gratings available upon request
  • Specialist GRP

    Ever been told to get a grip? Of course you have, but in the workplace getting a grip can mean ensuring that safety is also your number one priority. This is something that we may take for granted but it only takes a needless accident to show how dangerous ignoring slip and grip hazards can be. GRP anti slip solutions can help to make your workplace a far safer place. This is a tough material but one that help transform parts of the workplace that previously were a danger hotspot, which is why the team at Solar have made sure that we have a number of products that can give you the added protection that you need. Check out the range of anti slip products available on the Solar Protect website.

    GRP Structural Pultruded Profiles

    GRP or FRP Structural pultruded profiles are manufactured by combining a resin matrix with a fibre reinforcement. This is formed and cured in a continuous process creating a product of extraordinary strength and resilience. GRP Structural Pultruded Profiles provide a variety of benefits and mechanical properties matching or exceeding steel equivalents. A wide range of structural profiles are available including U Channel, I - Beam, Tube, Box, Angle, Rod & Hand Rail.


    RFP Ladders and Stairs

    All composite Ladders manufactured from Fibre Reinforced Plastic Pultruded structural sections, which when compared on a weight for weight basis, are far stronger than their metal equivalents. Composite ladders are ideally suited for installation in corrosive environments, such as those found in the water, waste, marine, and chemical industries.

    All Composite Ladders and Safety Cages Are manufactured in-house, in dimensional accordance with BS 4211, & BS 5395. (Stairs, Ladders & Walkways).

    Structurally Cored Composite Panels for Service Ducts and Manhole Covers

    A range of solid top and structurally cored composite panels are available to suit a variety of Industrial and Domestic applications. The inherent strength of these panels is provided by a glass fibre structural mesh core, reinforced with a glass fibre plate applied to one or both of the bearing surfaces. This one-piece moulded panel is rigid, strong, light-weight, non-corrosive, and non-conductive with the added benefit of an anti-slip surface. Un-like conventional concrete covers these cover lite panels can be manufactured to suit 1 or 2 man material handling limits.


    FRP Handrails System

    Our FRP handrail system is a modern alternative to conventional galvanised clamp handrail systems. Manufactured from Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP), this handrail system is corrosion resistant, non-conductive, warm to touch, low maintenance, durable, easy to install, and suitable for a variety of applications. This handrail system is available in safety Yellow as standard.

  • Tapes

  • Tools & Ancillaries

    Structural Polyurethane Adhesive

    Our structural polyurethane adhesive is totally unique; supplied in a pre-weighed two part unit ready to be mixed using a mixing paddle. Apply to the surface using a notched trowel liberally within the pot life and apply your GRP cover. This adhesive is capable of bonding to chequer plate, concrete and timber. 


    Mechanical Fixing

    We supply self tapping screws and screws and plugs. Self tapping screws are recommended for thin lay steel and screws and plugs for concrete. Please see our Vuba-GRP Fixings product page for more information.


    Additional Fixing and Sealing Solutions

    We often provide our customers with our rapid curing epoxy mortar, Maingard Resicold Floor Repair, to match up levels of tactile paving, grp sheets and stair treads to floor surfaces. Often the solution is a mastic silicon in the same colour as the grating, tread or nosing to provide a neat finish.

  • Special Offers

    For how long are your offers valid?
    Our offers are valid whilst online and can be withdrawn at any time. You can place an order and 'call off' when needed if you do not require the products immediately.

    How often do you update your offers?
    We update our offers regularly. You can contact us for upcoming offers or join our newsletter to keep up to date.

Anti Slip

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