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  • Concrete Sealers

    Concrete Sealers Vs Concrete Hardeners

    Our Concrete Sealer, Vuba-Seal Sealgloss, penetrates the concrete and leaves a gloss film thickness of 40 microns on the surface of the concrete. Our Concrete Hardener, Vuba-Seal Invisiseal, solely penetrates the concrete and does not leave a film finish.


    Screed Fortifiers and Strengtheners

    We are often presented with customers who have weak, failing screeds and need to do something about it. Jack hammering the screed is often not an option for completed or semi-completed projects, and this is where our Fortex is vital. Fortex can improve the strength of screeds by up to 20N/mm2 in one single application.

  • External Sealers

    External Driveway and Car Park Sealers

    We have a range of exceptional quality external sealers, offering unrivalled quality and value for money, for virtually every unglazed external paving and concrete surface from domestic imprinted concrete driveways and patios through to city centre blocking paving and heavy usage car parks.


    Can I apply on to Block Paving, Imprinted Concrete, Patios...?

    Block paving sealers, imprinted and plain concrete sealers, patio and paving flag sealants plus coatings and impregnators for Clay pavers, Stone, Slate, Travertine and Timber.

     Can sealers be tinted, anti slip, matt finish etc?

    We offer a complete range of paving, timber and imprinted concrete finishes from completely invisible through matt colour enhancers to decorative sheens and gloss finishes. We also have an anti slip additive which can be added to all of our sealers.

  • Tools & Ancillaries

    Chosen by Professionals...

    We have a wealth of installation experience within our company. We bring that to the table our selection of preparation products and application tools and equipment. Contact us for any specialist equipment you may require.

  • Special Offers

    For how long are your offers valid?
    Our offers are valid whilst online and can be withdrawn at any time. You can place an order and 'call off' when needed if you do not require the products immediately.

    How often do you update your offers?
    We update our offers regularly. You can contact us for upcoming offers or join our newsletter to keep up to date.


Which product do I need to seal my driveway?The sealer you require depends upon your dirveway composition. We have specialist imprinted concrete, stone patio, Tarmac and block paving sealers. Our Ultrasheen is designed to seal block paving; Tarcoat to restore Tarmac, Stonegloss to seal patios and Superblock to seal block paving.

Can I tint my concrete & patio sealers?

You have the option to choose our imprinted concrete sealer in a wide selection of colours. However, we also supply a separate Vuba-Tint colour match which can be added to any of our clear sealers to provide the required colour, from a light tint to a full colour.


What are the benefits sealing your drive or patio?

Sealing your driveway, whether it is Tarmac, block paving or imprinted concrete, reduces algae and moss build up and aides cleanability. There are also many other advantages; sealing block paving helps to stabilise joints and sealing imprinted concrete with a colour additive can bring back the original colour that has been washed away over time.

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