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  • Floor Marking Tapes

    Floor Marking Tapes
    Tapes for all Purposes
  • Anti Slip Tapes

    Anti Slip Tapes
    Why use our Anti Slip Tape

    Our anti slip tapes are competitively price, available in an unlimited range of colours including clear glow in the dark and exhibit excellent performance characteristics. Our anti slip tape has edge to edge high performance adhesive, designed for extensive usage.

    Anti Slip Tapes and DDA Regulations

    Our anti slip tapes help to meet DDA Regulations (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and document ‚ÄėM‚Äô of building regulations by ensuring an anti slip step edge with a colour contrasting finish. We provide a wide range of colours to guarantee a contrast with your existing stair edge.



    Anti Slip Floor Tapes

    Our range is split between Line Marking Grip Tape (our ubiquitous abrasive anti slip tape variety), Non Abrasive Non Slip Tape (a non abrasive anti slip material designed for bare foot and food preparation areas), Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates (ideal for use when an instant anti slip flooring surface is required on a difficult to adhere area) and finally, specialist Anti Slip Tile Tape for quarry tiles and Anti Slip Walkways (anti slip tape in varied widths for fully non slip walkway surfaces. 


  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

    There are some products that are not just useful but they are essential. For instance not many handy folk would be seen without a can of WD40 these days, so useful is the product. But there are other things that many people consider to be on the Desert Island Disc list of useful products and duct tape simply has to be one of them.

    Duct tape is one of those evergreen products that will probably be used in some way on almost every job you undertake, it is that useful. Duct tape is so strong, versatile and tough that it is hard to ever see this miracle tape going out of fashion, and of course, if you ever need duct tape, we stock it in a variety of different sizes and colours.

  • Hazard Tape

    Hazard Tape
    Tapes for all Purposes
  • Tools & Ancillaries

    Tools & Ancillaries
    Chosen by Professionals...

    We have a wealth of installation experience within our company. We bring that to the table our selection of preparation products and application tools and equipment. Contact us for any specialist equipment you may require.

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers
    For how long are your offers valid?

    Our offers are valid whilst online and can be withdrawn at any time. You can place an order and 'call off' when needed if you do not require the products immediately.


    How often do you update your offers?

    We update our offers regularly. You can contact us for upcoming offers or join our newsletter to keep up to date.


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