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  • Roof Paints

    Roof Paints

    How do I clean my roof before painting?

    We advise that all moss, lichen and debris are power washed clean and our Fungicidal Wash is applied to prevent further fungal / algae growth. Ensure surface is dry before coating. 


    How do I apply your roof paints?

    You can spray, brush or roller apply our roof paints. You can purchase rollers and brushes online; seek further advice from our technical department for applicators. 


    How long will your roof paints last?

    All of our roof paints are capable of lasting up to 10 years, subject to the correct preparation and application techniques.


  • Floor Paints and Coatings

    Floor Paints and Coatings
    In some industries, floors and their finishes may not be all that critical but for many others it is absolutely essential that you make sure that the flooring is perfectly treated. The right floor paint can be a crucial element in ensuring that everything is just perfect and here at Solar Protect, we have all the floor solutions that you could possibly need, whatever your business. We stock a huge choice of floor coatings to meet all demands, so if it is a chemical resistant floor coating that you need then we can help, or what about epoxy floor paint? No problem. We also stock concrete floor, food safe and flake floor coating plus many more. To see what we have just browse our website to get the bigger picture.
  • Anti Slip Paints

    Anti Slip Paints
    Safety is a prime concern for every organisation these days. Not only can an injury to a member of your team mean that you have to cope with a reduced workforce but it can also mean that legal proceedings could be in order. It is essential that you have the right floor paint and when that means anti slip floor paint, it really is something that you cannot take chances with. Fortunately, Solar Protect is able to help and assist you with your anti slip requirements by stocking all the products that you need including non slip epoxy floor coatings, anti slip paint additives, non slip water based floor coatings, ready mixed grip paint and much more. So don’t slip up, get your floor covered with the help of Solar Protect.
  • Wall Paints

    Wall Paints
  • Tools and Ancillaries

    Tools and Ancillaries
  • Roof Repairs

    Roof Repairs
    Roof Repair Paint

    Rapid Roof Repair is an ideal solvent based roof repair paint designed for sealing leaks and waterproofing on a temporary basis. This roof repair paint is ideal when time is of the essence and a quick fix is required. 

    Roof Reinforcement

    Scrimpatch is regularly used to help bridge cracks and holes before application of subsequent primers or top coatings and to insure durabilty and wearability.

  • Roof Coatings

    Roof Coatings
    Decorative Roof Paint

    Deco Roofcoat is our water based acrylic roof tile paint designed to restore worn and faded roof tiles and protect against future wear and tear. This roof tile paint is used by contractors nationwide for an effective, long lasting decorative external finish in two coats to improve aesthetic appearance as well increased wearability. 

    Waterproof Roof Paint

    Flexi Roofcoat is our liquid proof membrane designed to waterproof your roof surface with a hard wearing matt finish. This liquid proof membrane is easy to apply in a single coat and provides a tough, flexible and highly elastic roof coating with excellent UV stability making Flexishield fully weather proof. 

    Solar Reflective Roof Paint

    Solar Reflect Roofcoat is a polyurethane resin based solar reflective roof paint which is white in colour and has a high aluminium flake content helping to reduce solar heat gain in dark coloured roofs. This solar reflective roof paint is suited to new surfaces as well as restoring weathered roofs with both a functional and attractive finish.

    Roofing Restoration 

    Aquaseal is a solvent based acrylic roof paint that gives a roof long-term waterproofing protection with added fibres that interlace to cover up small gaps or cracks that appear over time in most types of weathered roofs. Easy to apply and available in a range of attractive colours, this acrylic roof paint is ideal for restoring your weather roofing with a long lasting and attractive finish.

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers


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