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  • Concrete Repair Products

    Concrete Repair Products

    Concrete is one of the modern wonders of the construction and maintenance world. A lofty claim? Hardly, look around you and you will see that we live in a predominantly concrete world, depressing though that may be. Of course, that also means that with so much concrete around, it is going to need repairing at some point. If you have a hole or bad crack in a concrete floor then you need to get it fixed to avoid a nasty accident. If so then our concrete repair kits could be just what you are looking for, whether it is a low slump concrete mix for steps or a deep fill concrete repair mortar. Whatever your requirement, the Solar Protect team can put together a solution to help your needs. Just check the website to see our applications.

    Our range of concrete repair products are designed to offer versatility, incredible strength and rapid curing times. We have concrete repair mortars capable of curing in 15 minutes; low slump mortars designed for vertical applications; epoxy repairs for high strength concrete repairs and fine fillers for undulations and blemishes in concrete floors. 

  • Tarmac and Asphalt Repair

    Tarmac and Asphalt Repair
    Asphalt Tarmac Pothole Repair

    Out asphalt Tarmac repair is capable of instant trafficking and can withstand turning vehicle traffic. Our asphlt Tarmac repair mortar is available in two grades: fine and medium. Our fine grade is for small asphalt undulations and medium for larger Tarmac potholes.


    Tarmac Crack Repair

    Our Tarmac crack repair liquid is capable of flexing with the movement of the existing asphalt, whilst maintaining the strength to withstand vehicle traffic. Maingard Duracrack Tarmac Repair is an easy two part black coloured repair liquid especially designed for Tarmac cracks.

  • Grouts and Adhesives

    Grouts and Adhesives
    Adhesives and Grouts

    Our range of polyurethane adhesives and epoxy grouts are designed to structurally secure bolts, stanchions and pilars. Our polyurethane and epoxy adhesives and grouts are capable of bonding and securing even the most robust structures.


    Resin Fixing Liquids

    High strength epoxy resin capable of repairing concrete cracks; used as a crack injection liquid and for securing bolts and fixings. 

  • Tools and Ancillaries

    Tools and Ancillaries
    Chosen by Professionals...

    We have a wealth of installation experience within our company. We bring that to the table our selection of preparation products and application tools and equipment. Contact us for any specialist equipment you may require.


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