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Temporary Protection

  • Floor Protection

    Floor Protection
    Problem with Damaged Floors?....Browse our latest Floor Protection products to find out the best possible solutions to prevent further damage!!!
  • Door Protection

    Door Protection
    Need Protection for your Doors.....Browse this section to find an easy method to protect doors whilst remaining fully operational
  • Window Protection

    Window Protection
    Need protection for your windows...look no further, browse our latest range of window protection for all your needs
  • Scaffold Protection

    Scaffold Protection

    Safety should always be at the very top of any workplace checklist of course. You simply never know where danger can rear its rather unwelcome head, but don’t be fooled, danger is there. One of the more obvious places to find danger is with scaffolding.

    Height is never a good partner of safety but with the right measures in place, scaffolding need not be a disaster waiting to happen. Here at Solar Protect we have a range of scaffold netting solutions to meet all your requirements, from basic debris sheeting right through to reinforced scaffold sheeting. All the solutions you need and all in one place so why not check out the solutions available on the website today and ensure that your scaffolding is not a danger zone but a safer zone?

  • Personal Protection

    Personal Protection
    PPE is essential for Keeping in line with Health and Safety Standards so look no further
  • Tapes

    Tapes for all Purposes
  • Tools

    Ideal Tools available
  • Packaging

    Browse our latest Packaging products
  • Site Protection

    Site Protection
    Need Protection for your site we've all the latest solutions, browse now

Temporary Protection

Browse through our range of temporary protection to protect new work during fit-out projects
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